Ashes work

Cinderella worked her ass off. She worked in the ashes. Her name isn’t Cinderella for nothing. Ashes are symbolic of our deep places. Our dark recesses of the soul which contain our fears and insecurities and our anger. I can want money and success and all the finer things but until I am able to heal my wounds and embrace my whole self, all that other stuff will only serve as a distraction and hold me back. The reason Cinderella was able to live happily ever after wasn’t because Prince Charming “rescued” her from a life of subservience, it was because she built her character and strengthened her spirit through service and toil.

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I worry. A lot. Many people do as well. (Or as poorly, as it were…) I get unhappy when I worry. I change the hormonal balance in my body and it affects my feelings; my emotions.

When I am worrying few of my higher functions operate properly. I am more scatter-brained, I lose my appetite, I become insecure and paranoid. All in all it is unfrickinhelpful.

I view these moments as a puzzle. There is a solution and the solution results in me relaxing and not stressing about things. I know there are people out there who feel like that pressure one puts on oneself is a good thing but there are also a lot of people out there taking prescription chemicals to prevent crippling depression. Heck, I used to be one of them.

My goal is to identify the root of problems that cause worry and deactivate or defuse them so that the worry ceases. Am I worrying because I have no idea where I’ll be living next week? Yes. But at the same time I have a roof over my head right now and the future is yet undiscovered.

I find that taking shelter in the LORD is really a salvation of sorts because the worry and stress and fear disappears. These things really cripple me. Faith in the LORD heals those wounds. Life can be scary but faith can raise us up and elevate our spirits.

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Willpower and Glucose

It has been shown/hypothesized that exertion of willpower expends glucose.

Does all mental effort do the same?

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Relationship obesity

When it comes to relationships, we all start out as an obese person starting a boot camp.

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Tired of being tired

Ever heard that phrase? “I’m tired of being tired.”

What does this mean? You’ve been tired for a long time and you are sick of it. It’s often used as an indictment of a relationship. However it seems to me that in many cases, possibly the person responsible is the sayer rather than the intended listener.

If you’re tired, do something about it. Figure out what’s making you tired, what YOU are doing to make you tired and stop doing that. It’s tough sometimes.

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